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Wealth Preservation Associates Annuity services include: Lifetime Income, Deferred Annuity, Single Premium Indexed Annuity, Bonus Annuities, Period Certain Payouts, Guaranteed Death Benefit, Fixed Annuity, Fixed Index Annuity, Immediate Annuity, Probate Avoidance

Our commitment is to the Client...
Having income for a lifetime has become critical when folks live for 30 years or more in retirement. At age 60 we do not always plan for income at age 90!

For Retirement Income

We provide a safe haven for secure retirement income. In fact we provide the only vehicle where your money will grow and provide competitive returns without significant risk (Indexing), you will have access to your money (Liquidity), Tax Advantages (Deferred), Transfer of Wealth (Probate Avoidance).

One solution is Single Premium Indexed Annuity (SPIA). It offers all of this and more. There are many other options, and all we need to help you is your time.

Why an annuity? I am asked this question by every client, and I enjoy the opportunity to have this discussion.

The first and most powerful reason is lifetime income. Sadly most folks do not even crack a smile when I deliver this most powerful of benefits to them. For some reason most people truly believe what they already have stowed away will provide their income for life. In many cases that is wishful thinking. If you have $200,000 in an IRA and start taking your payments at age 65 using the 4% rule there is a good chance that money will not get you and your spouse through for the remainder of your life. If both of you live into your nineties, if there is a severe market downturn, if either or both of you require long term care that money will be gone before you are. With an annuity the income stream can be guaranteed for life and for both lives.

There are so many other benefits that most annuities have that they require a face to face appointment to identify them all. Penalty free withdrawals makes accepting a surrender period manageable. Bonus annuities provide a jump start to the earning power right from day one. Interest compounding allows your earnings to grow without paying taxes until you start withdrawing the money.

These and so many other benefits like death benefits for beneficiaries, period certain income payments so you do not forfeit your money if the annuitant dies, probate avoidance can make for a quick and simple distribution to your beneficiaries.

These are just some of the reasons why an annuity can be the right answer for your retirement income needs.

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